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Boot Camp for Business

Posted: 6th July 2010 by jnosal in John J Nosal, networking

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Boot Camp for Business put on by David and Carl over at

Internet Monitoring 101

Posted: 24th June 2010 by jnosal in branding, Google, John J Nosal, NosalCentral, Twitter

We all know that a bad customer experience can kill a business. By using Google Alerts, we can actively monitor the internet for mentions of our businesses name, product or service. Then proactively engage these customers and provide them with a great customer experience.

QR Codes???

Posted: 21st April 2010 by jnosal in John J Nosal, LinkedIn, NosalCentral, QR Code

Ever wanted to have your own bar code to do things with? They are limited to a certain number of numerical digits and don’t do a lot more than inventory control. I have been hearing talk about QR Codes here lately and have been seeing some interesting uses for them. What is a QR Code […]

Google Analytics As I am reviewing clients current web presence many times I find that clients are not making use of any kind of analytics for their site. They have no idea how many visitors they have on their site and not sure how effective they are with their web presence. There are a wide […]

Making Connections With People When it gets down to the root use of LinkedIn, its making connections with people. My philosophy with establishing connections is pretty simple. If I’ve meet you through networking, I will connect with you on LinkedIn. I do have one requirement, when you ask to link with me you have to […]

The Art of Giving and Receiving Recommendations Recommendations are way to give and receive feed back from coworkers, managers, clients and others that you have the opportunity to work with during your career. A common recommendation may be a manager giving a recommendation for a current or past employee. The recommendation could be worded something […]

Groups are the bomb… One of the things that I enjoy using in LinkedIn is the Groups. In the Groups, you can do additional networking with people that have common interest. And best of all, you have the opportunity to post and respond to messages that are specific to that group. Lets first define what […]

Using Apps to add interest to your profile. Each week I look at a lot of profiles and after a while they all start to look a like. They all have a photo, a summary and work experience. All of this information is a lot like reading through a stack of 100 resumes. A little […]

Keywords and Branding Our profile, resume and our social media presence are all key to defining who we are. One of the challenges that we have when defining who we are is defining things that set us apart from the rest of the world. We also want to be found if we are looking for […]

Tips For Using LinkedIn Effectively #5

Posted: 31st December 2009 by jnosal in John J Nosal, LinkedIn, NosalCentral

Personalize your Public Profile The Public Profile is the URL that people can use to quickly get to your profile on LinkedIn. By default, it is a long alpha-numeric soup that is hard to type or worse verbally tell someone. In my previous post I mention the need to develop strong branding for yourself with […]